Services Offered by a Gum Disease Specialist

Services Offered by a Gum Disease Specialist

An experienced dental staff can meet your ongoing dental needs for life. Using the best equipment and technology available, they can show patients exactly what they are doing and where the problem lies, helping patents to avoid making the same dental care mistakes again.

There are a variety of potential causes of gum disease. The only way to determine what caused your problem is to visit a periodontist for an expert evaluation. Some common causes of gum disease include the following:

  • Illnesses and medications
  • Hormonal changes
  • Smoking
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Family history
  • Diabetes
  • Age
  • Stress

Gingivitis Treatment and Ongoing Preventive Care

Gingivitis can be quickly and easily treated, if it is caught in time. A dentist can also provide the solutions necessary to help you prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease going forward. In most cases, it can be treated with the following:

  • Complete dental cleaning
  • Good at-home dental care habits
  • Follow-up care

Holistic Dentistry for Whole-Body Wellness

Achieving optimal dental care through holistic dentistry can also help you to achieve better general health. Effective nonsurgical treatment can help to reduce inflammation and bleeding or tenderness of the gums in as little as one week. Once the condition of your teeth and gums has been restored or improved, a periodontist can also provide customized recommendations on what you can do to better care for your teeth at home.

Don’t Wait to Call a Dentist

Leaving a dental issue untreated will only make the problem worse. The bacteria and infections that generate with gum disease can travel through the body to infect other organs and areas of the body. What may begin as simple plaque buildup can quickly become a serious condition.

In fact, dental disease can lead to any of the following conditions over time if left untreated:

  • Deterioration of teeth and gums
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Immune system dysfunction
  • Cancer
  • Tooth loss
  • Side effects on transplanted organs
  • Ongoing gum and oral infections

Whether you need treatment for a current problem or simply want to avoid ever contracting gum disease, a qualified dentist will be happy to help.